Volume I

Chapter 1 – When A Devil Solves A Murder

Detective Alcott B. Grimsley, specialist of spiritual matters, has just received a new case – in the form of a respectable-looking two-days dead zombie by the name of Mr. Brown, who wants Grimsley to find his murderer. As Grimsley travels deeper into the jaws of the forests of Western Brookham, his confidence is challenged, and he soon discovers the real killer (and victim) is not who he originally thought…


i. Baggage
A young man arrives in a new town, and he is welcomed.

ii. An Unlikely Acquaintance
After the disaster that is the Mr Brown case, Grimsley shops around the Night Market for some muscle. He meets a true friend.

iii. Before the Invention of Repellent
Convoy the annoying monster decides to drop in for a visit!

dream seq 1
A young man attempts to escape a past regret.

iv. Daisies and Roses
Tonight is the last burial of St. Victor’s Cemetery, and with it comes a new client: an old Irish man haunted by memories of Ireland, and the banshee who he believes can deliver him home. Grimsley attempts to find the banshee, with no luck, but he encounters a new friend on her way to Paris, who seems to be more than what she claims to be.

v. Pestilence
A young lady with a missing head seeks Grimsley’s assistance, but it won’t be easy with Convoy around, who is hungry for both the detective’s attention and a nice meaty dinner.

vi. The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya
A historical romance set in 17th century Istanbul and 18th century England, about a Turkish carpet merchant husband and wife, Zeynel and Ayse, and how their deep love for each other pulls them through the tragedy of Zeynel’s death and return as a vampire.

  • VOL 1 (chapters 1 and 2)
    A young man trying to find his place in the world and a young woman with big dreams are brought together by chance. They face life together – growing up, and discovering true love in each other. 25 years later, Zeynel, in the middle of a business trip, is murdered by a djinni. He returns home, irrevocably changed, to Ayse, and though they know it must happen, neither of them want to say the final goodbye.
  • VOL 2 (chapters 3 and 4)
    Decades since his life in Istanbul ended, the carpet merchant has travelled across Arabia and Spain, collecting stories. He soon ends up in a quiet town in Southeast England, where he makes a home out of the facade of Turquerie. But his past soon catches up to him, begging, in the shape of his murderer, for his forgiveness.
  • VOL 3 (spin-off prose; not compulsory)
    Slice-of-life of Zeynel and Ayse’s 26 years together, and their family and friends.

vii. In Sleepy Hollow
A dullahan’s head is stolen by some fairies, and Grimsley must trade something of equal value to get it back. Meanwhile, Bronx, Zeynel, Catherine and Ilias discover fun and interesting ways to make a replacement head.

b. Bridge
(A mini meant to bridge The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya with Chapter 2 below)
Alfred Grimsley reveals an ancient family secret to Zeynel.

10C1. When a Devil Solves a Murder (10th Anniversary Redraw)
A redrawn version of Chapter 1 to celebrate 10 years of TWIDI.

Chapter 2 – The End Near the Beginning

Benedette Grimsley, the last surviving member of the Tradition, is trapped in limbo. In order to exit it, she must narrate to her psychopomp, the Barghest, her life story – a tale of belonging, filial love, and growing up.


vii. Hungry
Bronx and Catherine find an adorable, extremely ravenous puppy in the graveyard. Grimsley is desperate to get it back to its owner, before it eats all his beloved night lilies.

ix. Evening, Mr Rathbone.
Grimsley gains a protege.

x. Classifieds: Woman Seeking Husband
The Night’s seamstress, a spider-lady by the name of Agnes, must find a husband before the end of her life.

xi. Have You Seen My Sister Christina?
Three witches conjoined by blood are now missing one of their sisters. As the search for the missing witch progresses Grimsley uncovers the truth of the toxic influence that binds them.

xii. There Was a Woman Who Lived in a Shoe
Agnes must send her spider-children off to the world. Unfortunately, that is difficult in a world that is afraid of spiders (much more spider-people).

xiii. Three’s a Crowd
Grimsley takes Rathbone out on a case for training. To his dismay, Convoy wants to join in too.

xiv. Musica Universalis
A theatre company, run by a group of vampires and wanderers, invites Grimsley and co. to London to investigate the death of one of its star members. Ilias reveals a secret passion.

xv. The White Lady
A White Lady haunts the lake in a nearby village, luring men to their watery deaths.

Chapter 3 – C’est La Vie/Pocketful of Posies
Catherine finally visits Paris, together with her best friends. The vacation soon transforms into a frightening expose of the truth behind her origins.

xvi. Dry Behind the Ears
Rathbone nears the end of his apprenticeship, and begins to feel unhappy with his mentor’s methods.

xvii. The Blood is The Life
A formerly evil vampire repents and desires to find salvation in Christ, even if it destroys her.

Chapter 4 – Noctum Decennial
Brookham is getting ready to celebrate its traditional Festival of the Night (Noctum Decennial), a day every 10 years when the Night and Day can linger together without fear. However a deadly aura looms above the festivities, imperceptible to no one but Catherine.

Chapter 5 – The Spirits Will Come and Catch You
The barrier that separates Night and the Other Realm has been disturbed, and it is up to Grimsley and his former apprentice to combine knowledge and methods to find out why.

Chapter 6 – Nightingales Fly Into Cages One Day
A long time ago, there was a young man and the sea…

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