Turkish Artistic Traditions Featured in The Carpet Merchant

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Many of my resources are academic, accessed through my university. Unfortunately I can’t share them here, as this breaches the T&Cs a.k.a it would be pirating, despite these articles being my primary sources. Forgive me as I look for alternatives.

Vol I

Artistic Tradition:

Ottoman miniature (primary stylistic influence)
Wiki | MetMuseum | Turkish Culture Org |

The Complex and Varying Attitudes of Figurative Art in Islam and Throughout History
A good article. It provides context, compares it to the other two Abrahamic religions, and is a great starting point for further research.

Illumination :
Byzantine | Persian | Ottoman
A collection of miniatures. They often cut and paste miniatures from disparate places into one collection, like a scrapbook.
Siyah Qalam – ‘black ink’
Wiki | Article 1
Marbled pages (ebru)
Turkish Culture Org | A video
Turkish bookbinding arts
Book covers | Calligraphy


Sultanahmet Mosque (the Blue Mosque)
Khan Academy | Official Website

Iznik Tiles/Pottery
History Article 1 | History Article 2

Carpet Tradition:
Wiki | Article 1 | Article 2 | Examples of Tools and Looming Styles

Guide to Buying Rugs

The James F Ballard Collection of Oriental Rugs, MetMuseum

Art of the Ottomans before 1600s

Cross-cultural Artistic Mingling Between the Chinese and the Muslims (and the Chinese Muslims)

Art Treasures of Turkey, MetMuseum

Literary Tradition:

Ottoman folklore

Ottoman poetry | Arabic poetry

The history of Ottoman poetry (a book pdf)

Sufi poetry

The nightingale and the rose (symbolism)
Article 1 | Article 2 | Article 3

The poetry of the Quran (and how that proves its divinity)
The art of becoming a hafiz

The Evolution of the Concept of the Jinn From Pre-Islam to Islam


The History of Ottoman Fashion

The History of Ottoman Women’s Fashion
Clothing Laws – an example in the 18th – 19th century
Clothing Habits, Regulations And Non-Muslims In The Ottoman Empire
(finding information about the specific clothing laws for 1680 is extremely difficult, since the laws kept changing all the time and in most cases they were not adhered by the ordinary folk. I didn’t restrict myself, but I kept to basic guidelines)

Ottoman Headgear

Vol II


The Turkish Masquerade

Romantic Orientalism
Article 1 | Article 2




Ottoman Influence in Western Dress

Orientalism: Visions of the East in Western Dress

Literary Tradition:

Durme, Durme | Sleep, Sleep
Lyrics (one version of many) | Hadass Pal-Yarden cover

La Rosa Enflorese (Los Bilbilicos) | The Rose Blossoms (The Nightingale)
Lyrics and Context | Consuelo Luz cover

The Tales of Nasreddin Hodja

Karagöz and Hacivat
UNESCO Article | Wiki | Vimeo of a show in English

Educational and Critical Dimensions in Turkish Shadow Theatre

Turkish Shadow Puppet Theatre: A Window On Turkey

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