This is a very special page that I dedicate to the friends who have stuck by this project for the 3 years that it existed. I appreciate their support, and their encouragement, and value their comments and their friendship with me like an island of priceless gold. I <3 you all.

First off, my Mum should be mentioned here for doubting if TWiDI will ever release. She is a cool person actually, and I love her very much and can never find an open-minded conversationalist like her, but I don’t think she thinks too highly of my projects and my handling of them. Maybe she meant it as motivation (like a challenge, you know) because that’s what she’s motivated by, but obviously I am not her.

Second, I want to give all my heart (and everything else) to three of my closest (and by default, oldest) friends. Nastasia is about 60% of my entire life, and it’s so hard to find and maintain friendships that are so close and can endure so much in such a long time, and we are surrogate sisters in a way, and although it’s both our obligation to support each other, I am still grateful that she supports whatever I do ( except when it’s a bad thing). In return, Nastasia is a very talented photographer with an excellent eye for colour and composition, and a very fresh take on animal photography.

Next, Ami! She’s very busy right now, but I hope she gets what she wants out of life, and in the short term, awesome results to get to a top university, and become a doctor so I can use her services for a 100% discount (nudge, nudge). Again, it’s hard to find and maintain close and enduring friendships, but I struck twice! I’m eternally grateful to have known Ami for as long as I did, and hopefully despite the distance between countries, it will go on for much longer, and better than before.

And of course, you may know her online as one of those super awesome artists with that crazy super awesome art, but to me she’s a super awesome broski – Felicia Choo! She’s very involved in this project, and one of the only few to know how it ends (hehe, sorry bb), and in a way, she’s a background co-author because we talk a lot about our webcomic junk. I’m so proud to be her friend, and so proud of her overall. I struck thrice again ;o;
(also psst please prod her about her own webcomic; she’s immune to me now)

Third, the rest of my friends! I will start with the artists who have their own websites so you can check them out:

  1. Max – my favourite derp who draws the most charming journal comics ever. Also he’s attending TCAF, please bother him.
  2. Saph – my favourite herp cat who comes in a box set with Max. She’s also attending TCAF, so please bother her.
  3. Brendle/Prayke – part of the OHGODWHATAREWEDOING webcomics gang.
  4. Friday – from the same group as Prayke. She’s also working on her own thing – TASTAM.
  5. Aristo/Tian-Yang – she’s younger than me, and more accomplished, and working on a epic-er epic kind of epic (In-Circuli), so I don’t even know why you are here, go look at her.
  6. Tricia Wee – a very awesome artist that I adore a lot as friend, and I think she deserves more recognition beyond our very niche group
  7. Thomas Another awesome friend who should post more art! >/
  8. Michelle
  9. Memai – A good stylish friend of mine who has an amazing psychological if (proudly) depressing webcomic Anfange
  10. Wai Yin – bless this man. The king of Fixing Website Issues, and the king of artistic improvements. So envious! >/
  11. Sea – when she’s here, she will know who she is, but I miss her a lot and I love her and her comments. ;o; So much support
  12. Dimi – < 333 Genius friend
  13. Quint – was there at the initial half of TWiDI. I have no idea where she is now, but I do miss her company
  14. My aunt and uncle for being interested in this.
  15. Josie – for sticking through my artist journey, like, since I started getting serious.
  16. YOU!!!!!!!