The Tradition

The Underground Secular Symbol

Once upon a time, the world was one. And then it wasn’t.

The world was split, broken, dissipating. It lost comprehension and unity. It became ambiguous. In the midst of this chaos, time and death were born.

They have been inseparable ever since.

Forgive us, for we cursed this world into multiplicity. In our blindness, we tainted what once was perfect. But now our eyes are open. 

Bring us to our return.

The Tradition

The Tradition is an ancient international secret society, concerned with the origins of the world and the meaning of lfe. It is not interested in power, wealth, fame or domination, but in the acquisition of knowledge. Its goal is an understanding of the world in deeper inspection.


The Tradition grew alongside the rise and fall of civilisations across the world, up to its dissolution in the mid 18th century. Its members were never kings and heroes, but people vital to society – knights, merchants, tradesmen, nurses, monks, scientists, the like.

The Night

The world has always had its mysteries – from the demons, to the dragons, to the phoenix. The Tradition concentrated them into purgatory on Earth. Spirits are now attracted to stay, as an extra step in their afterlife journey. The Tradition used to be able contact these beings and spirits, to further their understanding of the world beyond, and to care for these members of the Night.

The Ministry has now taken over that role.