Brookham Map


Brookham is a small city (referred as a “Town” due to its history) at South-eastern England, at one of the harbours closest to France. There are five areas in Brookham:

Northern Brookham: Closest to the South Downs (natural chalk formation in England), the outside part of it – Admiral Bay – is a port for tourists arriving to Brookham by ship. The entire bay and the neighbourhood behind it are collectively ‘Admiral’, in honour of some famous admiral in Brookham history. It’s more “touristic” in a way, due to its purpose.

As you go further in, you’ll reach a place called Centrepoint. This is where the main interchange train station is going to be, when the trains get set up eventually. The four interchange routes are to North/South/West End and Admiral (East End), as shown in the map. The North/West End is the poorest, busiest, bustling-est part of the town, as it’s a very ‘new’ area in comparison to the rest of the town.

Western Brookham: This is the general countryside. There are a few tiny villages scattered across it, but the main ones are Blackpool (a former quarry, but it’s dry of water, and there’s a long 30-feet deep ditch), and Hansworth (the town where the Earl of Brookham, a Bracknell, lives. The Bracknell family house is surrounded by a moat).

Brookham is something of a self-dependent agricultural landmark; they used to sell their own vegetables and food one time, but that took a backseat when it moved on to tourism.

Southern Brookham: The rich people’s place. Opulent houses, housing doctors and important architects, lords and ladies, and a bunch of upper class types, are all in here. Near the Duncan Canal is where the art culture is at.

Central Brookham: This is the true ‘Centrepoint’ of Brookham. Central is the original Brookham town, with its main and first 12th century cathedral and its first market square and its first everything located here, thereby making this part an historical area. Being very old in that sense, this is a hotspot for Nightcrawlers (supernatural beings), who thrive on the very old-world energy in this part of town.

Grimsley lives within the consecrated grounds of St. Victor’s Graveyard (the largest graveyard in the Southeast), in a family tomb connected to an undiscovered, secret catacomb.

MoDA, The Ministry of Dangerous Anomaly, is also located here.

Eastern Brookham: Squashed between the docks and the market square, this is nothing but shops and shops and shops and lots of shops. There’s a stretch of beach, with its own boardwalk, and an amusement park. And also, the edge of Lion’s Cliff.



Expansive, hilly (there are a lot of slopes and stairwells), in between a deep forest and the Channel, squashed between a cliff and chalk hills, one large river and one tinier river. The further West you go, the hillier the place.



It’s almost about the size of Hansworth (people joke that it’s a village by itself), and it’s deemed a forest, filled with flora and fauna and dead people and one Jersey Devil and one Norse Giant. The graveyard is sectioned into themes – Egyptian, Arabian, Oriental, Roman and English – at one side, closest to the Cathedral. At the other side, it’s just hills and forests.

To get from one end to another is 15 minutes without the trees and hills and stones and tombs and stuff.

The graveyard is currently closed as it’s too full.

It’s also the only place in Brookham protected from the Nightcrawlers, due to its consecration, with the exception of others for special reasons.



So they got another graveyard!

The cemetery is independent from the cathedral (government-funded), but they collaborate with each other to share the space. Since most of the space is open for anyone of any faith and standing who wants to buried there, in contrast to St. V’s, Nightcrawlers populate the area. Ghouls and zombies and ghosts and others all live here.

The popular Nightcrawler pub, The Dirty Gentleman, is located here.



Located between Brickfields and Montogomery, only Nightcrawlers are able to find this place, as it’s protected from being found by Daydwellers (a.k.a us). It’s a rather large, almost infinite office, and it loops around itself if you walked inside the corridor for too long. The entrance is a tiny park inside a wall of archways at every side. The entrance appears as a dead end for us.