Background Information

100% of these pages are under construction so bear with me! It’s a lot of stuff to write!


The History of Brookham
A simple chronology of events leading up to present-day Brookham (from its Roman occupation to 2010).

The Brookham Map
Some detailed information about the areas in Brookham.

Brookham Landmarks
Imagine if Brookham is a real place and if you wanted to travel it, where would you go first? Here’s a pretty fun tour guide with no pictures (atm) of places you would enjoy going as an imaginary tourist!

The Tradition

A Brief History of the Tradition
The Tradition remembers what we’ve long chosen to forget. An overview of the occultic group that essentially created Night’s physical reality.

Brookham Night

The Ubiquitous Guide to Every Aspect of Living, Acquaintance & Protocol for the Recently-Welcomed Nightcrawler
A very large if very helpful volume written by two of the most distinct Nightcrawlers around – Detective Alcott B. Grimsley and Mehmed Zeynel Abidin ibn Efraim ibn Yosef de Cordova – along with several guest writers, discussing every aspect of Nightcrawler Living and assisting in the transition from normal human being to abnormal ghost or zombie.

The Types of Beings in This World
Who is what and what to call whom, depending on the time of day they appear.

Types of Spirits
Depending on your luck, as a Daydweller, you disappear from the world and move on immediately to the next phase of afterlife, or become one of these spirits to be handled by our in-house specialist on things to help you do the former.

An overview of everything there is to know about vampires.

The Ministry of Dangerous Anomaly
The self-proclaimed pseudo-government of Night.

Literary & Misc Funsies

The Deluge
A prose-poem (?), about a young man, who knew on the same day both Joy and Sorrow.

The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya (Coming soon!)
The novelisation, which is different from the comic version, in that the main story covers the events between the end of Chapter 1 and the beginning of Chapter 2. More background on Zeynel, Ayse, and their families.

The TWiDI Spotify Playlist
About 10 hours of instrumental music ranging from classical to electronic jazz.


The World in Deeper Inspection OST
Commissioned music, which includes character themes! A work-in-progress, as I try to find composers who fit the styles I’d like for some moods/characters (email me if interested).

Cabinet of Curiosities
Commissioned and fan artwork by various artists throughout the years