There and Back Again

Hiatus Duration: Jan 19 2014 – Nov 21 2014
It’s been a long, awful, terrible, turbulent, exciting, crazy 18 months. Who knew college could be like this? Who knew studying for exams could be so hellish? In fact, I think, if Hell truly existed it would be take on the form of a higher education institution (with life-or-death exams conducted every month).

But now all that is (almost) behind me. Finding myself already immersed into the last leg of my Important Exams, I could feel the freedom coming. I’m excited for it! That’s what’s powering me through this crucial period, among other things. I miss TWiDI so much.

I could say for certain that by the day and time my very last paper ends – the 21st of November – will be the day when the Hiatus is finally OVER. I can kiss this phase of my life goodbye. So what’s in store for the future? WELL, I am happy to say I’ve figured out structurally how TWiDI’s story unfolds, and that I’ve planned MANY MANY stories already to share with you all, and also, most importantly, I’ve developed TWiDI to the point where I know how to take it to its ending. I can’t wait to draw and write. The new year seems exciting now. So much freshness, like a wet market on Sunday.

After my exams I am going to give myself a day or two to calm down (by going stark mad from the celebration), then it’ll be time to start work on the new chaplette. I am not sure when the chaplette will come out, but hopefully soon. A year and a half is a lot of time to improve the comic visually, so it will be interesting to see how this chaplette will end up looking like.


Thank you all who waited so, so, patiently and kindly for The Return. Thank you if you still remember the existence of this comic. Thank you for supporting me for the non-webcomic related things. And most of all, thank you for being here. I really appreciate it.

Just less than a month left!

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