intermediate ii

Another intermediate, again! So soon, huh? But that’s because the End Page for chaplette iii doesn’t look very impressive (nor does it help to trick newcomers to explore more of this site).

Grimsley reading a book in one of the trees of the graveyard. Looks like he has some friends who want a bit of that reading too!

4 thoughts on “intermediate ii

  1. Seriously, you have a remarkable style. I love the sketchy Victorian aesthetic you have going on here. I’m a huge fan of victorian fashion ^.^ Also a huge fan of detective stories. I’ve noticed a few idiomatic problems with the dialogue, but leaving that aside, the dialogue is actually a major strength. With a bit of polish it could be absolutely first rate. Keep up the awesome work!

    1. Hello, aaa, thank you! I am so happy that you complimented the dialogue; my goal for dialogue is to get it as natural-sounding and at the same time reflective of Victorian era language (as in, based on their novels and writings) as much as possible, and thank you for pointing out that there are errors. I am very sure there were issues but it’s nice to focus on where the problems are. Thanks again for the comment. You are great! 😀

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