Intermediate I

Here’s the shorter version: Nope, still not updating yet. But will be soon. In December possibly.

Woah guys, long time no see! It’s been…3 months now? That’s about how long I’ve been in college anyway.

I really miss working on this, haha. Of course obviously there are other factors, such as Good God Why Am I Not Doing This and GUILT-TRIP. Putting the comic on hiatus makes me feel uneasy; like I just left the house for a business meeting and all I can think of is did I turn off the iron? There’s this sense of a lack of continuity, which is so uncomfortable, it makes procrastinating, fearing and running away very easy to do. Fortunately there’s only very few souls here so there’s really nothing to run away from, but even then, it’s too difficult to run away from TWiDI because of the commitment and time I’ve put into it.

Just three days ago, I said on Twitter that most likely I will be making a slow comeback after my semester exams (which is in three weeks), and it will be chaplette iii I’m doing! There’s no set date yet, but I hope to get it out by December. I’m not sure if in 2014 I’ll have the time to really focus on TWiDI as in A-Levels, there are AS and A2, two potentially life-threatening exams that may kill my academic ambitions or make me awesome. The effort will still be there, as I’ve got everything covered between this intermediate to Chapter 2. I’m hoping by the end of this, working on TWiDI becomes my reward.

And yes, it may be university but I’ll be stubborn and do this. Besides, it will be more relaxing, since it’s about 4 years. It’s better than this year and a half of DEATH.

So unfortunately for you, you will see me again soon.

Ok! Now about this image:
It’s just here to spruce up the website (it looks so sad with the last page of chaplette ii, and it’s been like that for 3 months!). That its main purpose.

Its second purpose is that it deserves a place in this website, simply because this is the one of the oldest, oldest images of TWiDI I’ve had in my head. You can say it’s closest to the origin? The heart and soul of the project. I think I thumbnailed this exact composition a month or so from the day I started working on TWiDI in 2010. It’s fascinating to see this composition now, done finally because I got better these past three years, and to see the actual work already on this website.

In its ancientness, hopefully we’re looking at the future. This is where I want to go eventually; a sense of time (a very long time), of atmosphere, and of a life bubbling at the surface. For now, TWiDI is all experimental fun and games.

To the few souls who read this: how have you been? Miss you all.

7 thoughts on “Intermediate I

  1. This looks so good. I wondert how you could make regular posts with that insane amount of detail. Well that question was quickly anwert. I am loking forwart to your newest piece.
    Does he give the tooth back to the creature he got it from? To collect a new favor? 🙂

    1. I think if one cries and rolls around the bed long enough, motivation will be built up for all that detail. Haha..haha…

      No he doesn’t, actually. He’ll keep it in a cute jar, as a souvenir. We will see his collection of oddities eventually.

  2. Hi! I just found your webcomic, and pretty much everything about it is awesome–your art style, the title, the set up of your site… Your choice of a Jersey Devil as a protagonist is pretty unusual, too. I’m looking forward to Decemberish!

  3. This is one of the first pictures of yours I ever saw from TWiDI and I remember thinking it was beautiful and wondering about Illy. That hasn’t changed at all 🙂 xxx

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