Intermediate | Chapter 4 cover


And we’ve made it halfway into Volume II. Whoo! Thanks so much to everyone who has read and supported The Carpet Merchant, past and present.

The following are some announcements I want to make:

  1. Chapter 4 progress: I just recently finished writing the script and moved on to working on the thumbnails. It took me an entire year to figure the story out properly (I always had the pieces, but didn’t know how to make them into a single narrative), but I’m so glad I took that time and didn’t rush it.
  2. Release date of Chapter 4: I’m hoping February 15, which is my birthday (hint hint), and Chinese New Year. Can’t wait to get double the food.
  3. Update schedule of Chapter 4: Not sure yet. I’m thinking the same – every Saturday morning EST. It gets a tickle out of me thinking that TWIDI operates on a Saturday morning cartoon schedule.
  4. Adjacent matters in 2018: This is a really new year for me. I recently graduated from university, and chose to pause any further progress in my academic life to take a break and begin ‘living my life’, so to speak. It’s really weird because for as long as I’ve been an artist, and for as long TWIDI has existed, we never were separated from school. This webcomic launched officially when I was 17, just graduated from high school, and its rocky beginnings were all due to exams and assignments. Now that I’m free from it, it’s both terrifying and exciting. I’ve a couple of cool things going on at the moment, and I can’t wait to confirm it to everyone (fingers crossed).

Until next month, see ya then!


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2 thoughts on “Intermediate | Chapter 4 cover

  1. loving the portraiture and european oil painting style of this spread, and the little details of the spires in the background, and the carpetlike shawl hanging over the edge of the table!

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