Hiatus I || An Announcement To Be Had

Hello Old Friends, Loyal Readers and New Arrivals,

At the moment, it seems that TWiDI has reached its Inevitable 2014 Hiatus.

But why? Why would I want this comic to join the ranks of “In-Hiatus Webcomics”? Why would I subscribe myself to the all-too-common, all-dislikeable trope of hiatuses and irregular updates? Would this spell the indisputable doom? Would TWiDI never come out of it?

I’m sure most of you understand the nature of TWiDI, but just in case you need a refresher on the 3 Commandments:

  1. Updates at all times possible will attempt to be regular, but in the event that the time is not possible, it will be irregular.
  2. TWiDI is subject to the whims of choosing to lead an academic life. Due to foreseen events such as schedule hell, homework, studying and exams, the pace of the comic shall generally remain a little slow.
  3. As of 2014, there comes a time when the Heavens and Earth pronounce “Inevitable 2014 Hiatus” on not just TWiDI, but everything in my life

Some of you studying A-Levels (if any readers, knowing The Life-Sucking Quality of this course) or studying in high-intense courses/universities/colleges understand what I’m going through, while others may have expectations from other webcomics carried into this webcomic, and so will form perceptions based on the conduct of the creator and their webcomic. I shall address everyone in this matter.

Due to Malaysia’s education system, I sit for TWO separate exams in one year. The first, AS, is in May (so soon). The second, A2, is in October (too soon). Some people may believe that this is just an exam, or that Father Time can grant me a miracle so great I can juggle the comic and studying together, or that well, I deserve it, for starting the comic at the wrong time.

Oh no no, that’s all rubbish.

You see, getting As for this exam is very important to me. Why is it important? Because I’ve dreams other than just comics. I’ve dreams other than just art. For some reason, I’ve ended up in a life where I don’t have one settled interest, but too many. Some want to be just artists, some want to be just doctors; and like me, some want to be both. The fortunate thing about my situation is that all my interests are related and all of them contribute greatly to the output of this comic (as in plot, symbolism and characterisation). I cannot tell you what I’m planning to do because I can’t afford to jinx it; it’s too valuable to throw away. I’ve many goals and one of them is to complete TWiDI throughout my life, but at this stage, I’ve no choice but to put some stuff ahead of this comic.

The education (which I choose) to achieve these goals are reliant on my performance in the exam. It sounds very high-stakes, and it is, in a certain way. The desire that I get from the bottom of my heart is so great that I have to do this. As much as I love TWiDI, as much as my heart understands that TWiDI is the framework that envelopes my life into a neat, beautiful tribute letter, I know that for the disappointment of a few readers and a plunging drop down the unpopularity hole, it must be done.

As for concerns about the sometimes-possible effect of ‘incidental quitting’ due to such a long hiatus, no, that won’t happen. How does it happen when this story has a beginning and an end, and is so interwoven into many aspects of my past, present and future? It’s become synonymous with myself already. I’ve spent almost half a decade immersing myself into this project, and it’s not ending anytime soon. I signed up for this long-term commitment. I know that even if I succeed or fail or become rich or poor, the bottom line is that I attempt to finish this or die trying.

I’ve no guilt in myself as I understand that doing this Year-Long Hiatus is only necessary for what both the comic and I need. For now, despite not drawing or writing, I’m doing work researching and delving deeper into my other interests, which has the wonderful benefit of making me think about stories and problematizing the themes of TWiDI. The soup is bubbling.

So I guess it is appropriate that this illustration is up here as placeholder. It’s titled ‘Return’, or the longer name ‘The Returned and the Heralded’. It’s not all cryptic nonsense; there’s reason for the existence of this illustration in this manner. For now let me destroy the beauty of its currently-hidden meaning and appropriate it to my hiatus. Yes, I will return. And yes, you will be heralded.

If you would like to quit reading TWiDI right now, this is a good time. But if you remain waiting, and remain ready for its revival at the close of the year.

Thank you. Thank you for being loyal. Thank you for staying.

I shall return.



8 thoughts on “Hiatus I || An Announcement To Be Had

  1. Sorry to hear that life’s getting on top of you, but at the same time, I know exactly how you feel. I’m just finishing up my last year of college, and it was a doozy. I’m sorry it’ll take a year, but I’m looking forward to your glorious return (which, I expect, will arrive with much fanfare and bells).

    1. Oh dear god, YEARS. How do you do that?? How do they do that without informing?? (though it’s not hard to imagine)
      I dunno, I am just practising what I would like to see if I was a reader of a webcomic.

      1. which is downright courteous of you.

        I read so many that i keep lists. Even before i got into webcomics i’d read 7-10 books at the same time occasionally. But webcomics are already so fragmented chronologically an unnanounced hiatus isn’t so bad. Unless an official notice goes up i check my “almost dead” list every couple months.

        I might be slightly obssesive about my reading matterials.

    1. Yes I cannot be gone; the internet is my home. I am having the first half of those horrible exams now so thank you!! Thank you for being here and thank you for commenting

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