AND DONE! We’ve come to the end of this chaplette. I hope yall enjoyed it! 😀 I am glad to finally gain some closure for 1) this 5 year old script 2) the amazingly long year and a half hiatus

Now, the author’s note:


I’ve written it on the homepage announcement section, but it bears repeating: since TWIDI is now completely separate from my career aspirations, I am treating it as a pure passion project, untouched by all the “lovely things” that make up our artistic social media landscape. Views, visitors, ads, revenue, constant updates, book deals, etc – I no longer care about those things for TWIDI anymore*. Instead, I’m going to embrace how I have always treated it: as a refuge I come home to whenever, and as a space to experiment my comics craft, with characters I care for immensely.

*Please back the print edition of The Carpet Merchant Volume II though. Same hardcover goodness as the first.

TWIDI is a big project that I’ve no idea if I’ll see its end. BUT I hope I’ll be able to get to the backstories of the rest of the main cast – each of their stories are just as exciting and ambitious as Zeynel’s. And they are all building up to an exciting plot. ;))

Anyway, I want to talk about near future plans, since they will impact TWIDI:

  1. I’m writing and drawing another kids graphic novel this year, so I’ll probably not have the brainspace to produce another chaplette (unless a miracle happens). In the meantime…
  2. Some of you who follow me on social media may already know this: I’m developing another TCM-esque story. It’s a graphic novel about the life and legends of Alexander the Great. It might possibly be a webcomic. Either way, it’s consumed me the same way TCM has, and that means I am planning to officially release it in 2021. I have no idea how Alexander will eat up my time, since it may not have a deadline like my other two graphic novels. We will see what happens.

March 30th’s update will be a special one, celebrating TWIDI’s 10th birthday since creation (and 7th birthday since launch). ;_;


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