chaplette vi: The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya

Hi everyone! I think I’ve written or drawn far along now to consider posting (been working since late December on this story – thinking about it the process has been kinda accelerated, haha, which is…interesting). Say hello to The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya – which is a backstory and character exploration of one of my supporting mains, Zeynel (who you may have seen prior to this). It went a bit overboard beyond my expectations (Zey hasn’t been as well fleshed out originally, since he isn’t that important to the plot despite his central role), and I’m still figuring that out, so…we will see

As for update schedule – I haven’t got a buffer large enough to plan a consistent schedule ahead of time. So for now we’re experimenting (this comic is all about experimentation, I warn) with some irregular updates. Meaning – depending on my feelings as well as narrative pacing, I’ll either post whenever a page is done, or whenever a set of pages are done. Hoo boy! How fun! Everyone loves this.

Anyway I am excited! I hope you are too. >O<

9 thoughts on “chaplette vi: The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya

  1. Look at that art omigosh I’m already freaking out look at how beautiful the patterns and colours are, that choice of sky is so so gorgeous to look at and yeah come on Zeynel, serving that wistful over the shoulder model glance, work it Zeynel. #WhoNeedsPunctuation #NotMe #ModelZeynel #WannaBeOnTop #LOLZeynelOnTop

  2. I am so sorry for the spammy comments but I just realised how clever it is that there is a white bird perched on his shoulder despite all the evil looking crows(ravens?) and rats clustered about his feet like I get it, I get the symbolism, he’s like those flowers that get their roots twisted up in foul things but still bloom pure and lovely I get you Zeynel, ok, don’t look sad, I see your aesthetic and I am here for it.

  3. This entire chapter. Broke my heart and made me so happy. I’ve never seen a facet of my culture so beautifully rendered, and the romance? I started crying right there on the floor. The art is so lovely. Thank you so very much Ms Reimena, really.

    1. If there’s any way to frame your comment and everyone else’s around the whole of my heart and soul, I would do it. Thank you so much for reading and I am so happy The Carpet Merchant gave something good to you.

  4. Lol late to the party buuut AAAH this looks so amazing and beautiful and the concept for this story has got me soooo excited! I am not normally a webcomic reader (who am I kidding I haven’t read a single one yet even though I have a TBR list for them) but this one I have to read right away!! It makes me so happy seeing a character of my faith written by someone who took time to, well, write about it!!! THANK YOUUU ❤╰(*°▽°*)╯(*/ω\*)

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