Yay, Zeynel is free! I never want to hammer this particular ‘blood is haraam’ point too deeply since it’s not the point of this comic, though it influenced Zeynel’s struggles in Volume I (plus there are other Muslim vampire works that have explored this topic already, like this satire 50 Fatwas for The Virtuous Vampire).

What’s more interesting to me is how – regardless of prior faith – a person’s relationship with food changes once they are turned into a vampire. Like, (for those who have no food allergies or restrictions), just imagine for whatever reason you can no longer eat the food you love. That’s horrifying. Now imagine if that applies to ALL FOOD. That’s one of the real tragedies of being a vampire tbh, especially if you’re like me or Zey who come from cultures where food is a collective bond, and we love eating.

Zey finally being able to taste sweetness after 7 long decades…god, the magnitude of that experience… After this I really want to explore Zey’s newfound relationship with food, especially fruits and veggies, which he can now eat. So get ready for lots of baking and cooking.

Tl;dr my son has suffered for long enough, he deserves some good good food.


2 thoughts on “cvi577-578S289

  1. I am genuinely on the brink of tearing up, the sweet boy deserves all the sweet fruits in the world. Oh no if only Ayse had lived long enough to see this day or if only he had discovered it sooner. Oh my heart.

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