That body was never his to begin with.

Some fun historical knick knacks:

  • Two styles of the evil eye are featured here –
    The one of Ancient Rome

    And the one of Turkey (the nazar amulet)
  • It’s already speculated in the comments below, but I may as well mention the set-in-canon lore here:
    Mora is a lemure, an Ancient Roman angry spirit not accorded the respect of proper burial and mourning rites. The vampire myth also mentions not being properly buried as a cause of someone returning as a vamp, so combining the two (ghosts and bloodsucking revenants) together…you get TWiDI’s take on vampires.

    Zeynel isn’t a lemure, or an angry spirit. He’s just a ghost with physicality, unlike Mora.

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  1. Did the Romans try to condemn him with damnatio memoriae / damnation of the memory or was it just an act to remove the “evil eye”?

    Other than that, it must be horrible to see what is being done to your dead body. No wonder Mora acted like he did. :C

    1. Pretty much!! (I’m leaving the interpretation open, but it can be both too) What Mora actually is is a lemure, an angry/unrestful Roman spirit not accorded respect after death. And I tied this with the vampire myth (also a spirit that rises from the dead if not given proper burial). Poof. It’s Mora.

      Zeynel isn’t a lemure! He’s just a ghost with his own body (or rather a ghost with physicality).

      1. Ah I see. I was thinking it were something like that along the lines (especially with the emphasis on memory in this page).

        Thank you so much for replying and for the clarification!

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