I’m not strong enough.

I’ve never used a carpet beater before but I imagine it must be really fun to use it, especially for an anxious bean such as Zeynel (and myself haha).


One thought on “cvi507-508S254

  1. Hi! I’ve been lurking on this comic for ages, so now I feel a bit bad I didn’t comment sooner! I LOVE TWiDI to bits; its artwork AND storyline(s) are so beautiful and compelling. It’s also incredibly educational about Turkish culture and Western exoticism–– I’ve learned so much about Istanbul, carpets, and coffee. And your characters!! Zeynel is the sweetest man in the whole world, and I just want him to be h a p p y. And with Mora… is that a redemption arc I smell?
    tl;dr: I love your comic immensely and I should have spoken up sooner!

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