Background is based on the tiles of the Topkapi Palace.

From Muslims in the Western Imagination, Sophia Rose Arjana (italics mine):

“Orientalism is a pervasive intellectual movement that became broadly cultural, influencing fashion, advertising, architecture, literature, art, and eventually, film. […] is is necessary to understand Orientalism as the source or inspiration for an endless number of commodities. The consumption of these products represents the European and American possession of the Orient and its people. In many cases, the consumption was literal – seen in purchasable commodities [..]. In other cases, it was metaphorical…”

Who is the real vampire now?


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  1. Uhh…doesn’t that kinda mean that they have an idealized conceptualization of the culture of the Turks and Constantinople? Wouldn’t it be better to physically go and experience the culture for themselves?

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