RIP me for deciding to draw more backgrounds into the panels OTL

I’ve talked about Turkish coffee (kahve) before in Chapter 2, but here it is again.

This is a super basic version of How to Make Kahve – ground coffee into a fine powder with the specialised turkish grinders – which are really cool because they are portable and flexible; you can change the settings (turning the screw in the middle) to ground fine or rough, and you can ground spices with it too. Then you add cold water, coffee, and sugar (optional, to taste) into the pot and heat them up. You don’t necessarily have to use sand, but that’s just a traditional way. When it’s near boiling and the foam starts forming, scoop that foam into a cup, and repeat until coffee is ready and pour that nice tasty drink over the foam.

I wanted to draw an accompanying set of panels about the romantic rituals surrounding kahve, since Zeynel’s a big coffee fan and it would have been a huge part of his life. I.e the preparation of kahve from the bride to the groom, how the bride would adjust the sweetness to express her liking to the groom (or make it salty to see if the groom is TOUGH ENOUGH) (canonically Ayse made his engagement coffee as he likes it)…and other fun OTP moments. Alas…they only exist in words, right here.

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