His clients today are a group of merchants, accompanied by his good friend, Alfred. Alfie – as he is known fondly now – has been very kind to promote the business to his colleagues (Alfie never calls these people friends, though his natural affability easily masks his personal disinterest). He always gives credit where credit is deserved, and never once treated Zeynel as a “Turk”, but as a person…a true friend.

As soon as the transactions are finished, Alfie informs Zeynel the good news: he has finally acquired the long-desired Turkish coffee set. This quest has captured Alfie for weeks, ever since Zeynel told him that he knows how to make coffee (and misses doing so). The thought of having something homemade by a friend excites him immensely, more than tasting a proper kahve itself. Anyway, the coffee set will come soon, and once it has, he will never need to drive/sail all the way to a London, Parisian or Ottoman coffeeshop anymore.

Good! Two carpets sold. A coffee set on its way. Zeynel is relieved of his duties – he can now take off his carpet merchant mask, and enjoy his evening as who he really is: a quiet, mundane and shy intellectual.

Writing old-timey ang moh sound bites gives me the jeebies. Zeynel, protect yourself!!!

One thought on “cvi417-418S209

  1. Excuse you, random English people. Zeynel embodies the best of his species!

    (I mean humanity, not vampire)

    [But also probably vampire]

    {He’s just great, ok}

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