There are two Oriental rug types named after white, European men: the Lotto, and the Holbein. They are so named because of their appearance in the respective painters’ work. (Lotto is more arabesque, whereas the Holbein emphasises the medallion pattern)

In reality they are simply Ushak rugs, aka the rugs that come from Ayse’s hometown. It’s really funny to me how having these rugs named after somebody else (who merely paints them) writes over the true artists behind the rugs – the weavers, often women, who came up with the design and painstakingly wove them into existence. This is what Zeynel is talking about, even if it’s also for Capitalism’s Sake to hype up the “authentic” quality of his stock. He knows the truth. He lives it.

The two paintings referenced are

  1. The Ambassadors, 1533, Holbein the Younger
  2. The Alms of St Anthony, 1542, Lorenzo Lotto

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