tfw your boyfriend jokingly makes fun of you and you jokingly scold him back.

Technically they were already married, but at this point in their relationship they acted more like best friends, with the boundaries blurred between platonic and romantic. It took them another few years to realise what was really happening, and what was coming out of it (cue Chapter 2 feels).



As soon as he locked the door of his new home, a thought came washing over him – here he is again, starting another life. How many lives had he lived through already? In the last 70 years, plenty. Despite all this moving, of change and new languages and customs and landscapes, he never forgot the first time; that first time after his journey away from the city he came from, and his return, with fresh eyes, and that fresh intoxicating feeling in his heart. Of beginning.

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  1. Of course his first true beginning is associated with the first place he finally travels to with Ayse of course she is what marks a true beginning for him yes very good now i am going to cry a damn river for this ship to sail you watch me do it reimena ashel yee

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