11 thoughts on “cvi331-332S166

  1. This is one of the most beautiful comics I’ve read in a while, and this arc in particular was so touching and real. I loved it! Please keep writing!

  2. Okay, the last time I cried over anything written was Bridge to Terrabithia. This is… oh my gosh. One of the saddest, yet most beautiful things I’ve ever read.

  3. I haven’t cried over a comic in a very long time. It was mostly bittersweet crying, but this story gave me a lot to think about. Thank you for providing this opportunity to experience a beautifully-crafted story and to have these moments of self-reflection.

  4. Just finished reading from the beginning. Absolutely beautiful comic. The lines and the color are stunning, the patterns mesmerizing, the story heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. I was so glad he came home, though I wish I could’ve seen what happened in the interim to help him gain some control of his powers. All around, beautiful work.

    1. Thank you so much!! I will be referring to some of what he had been doing in the final chapter; it’s basically a lot of spiritual and introspective groundwork for a strong willpower. Anyway I am happy you enjoyed the story and thanks again for reading it!

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