The Edirnekapi (Edirne Gate, Gate of Charisius, Gate of Adrianople, gosh man) is a gate located on the Sixth Hill of Istabul, and is part of the old wall surrounding the city. It’s the gate that faces where Zeynel is going, and has large historical significance, being the gate that the first Ottoman sultan walked through after the fall of Constantinople, ending Byzantine rule and beginning the Ottoman one. Also interestingly it leads to a necropolis. :O

The spread’s style is more Byzantine than Ottoman, in reference to the capital’s Byzantium history, and to connect the thread between Byzantine illumination and Ottoman minyatur.

Things, visually, are only going to get more fun from here.


2 thoughts on “cvi137-138s69

  1. This comic is so beautiful. It’s the sort of thing I can return to every couple years and get new things out of every time. This might be the singularly most important piece of fiction to me.

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