I really like Evren (the name of this rando here); he’s not important in this specific story but he’s their first VIP client, who came in after a day or two trying to find his perfect carpet (for a star-studded dinner party) without much luck. He is desperate…and stumbles upon the odd couple selling a pretty decent variety. The guy you would think is THE carpet merchant isn’t; it’s his wife who negotiates, who has more control, a presence. The guy is just an assistant…but very informative and perceptive assistant, he makes you feel comfortable, at home, and provides an accessible commentary on the aspects of the carpet shown. Evren is highly amused at Zeynel and Ayse but likes their weirdness (being a weird one himself, a person full of contradictions), and becomes something like a close friend for the both of them.



2 thoughts on “cvi105-106S53

  1. i have lost the words to tell you how much I love this story, i’ve become too repetitive as is. Suffice to say I am immensely fond of this story and these people you have given life to.

  2. Your command of color in this comic is SO GOOD

    more than that, I can tell the color schemes are what’s helping me navigate these scene changes without editorial boxes or spoken explanation– here’s a Blue Scene, it’s stress and worry, here’s a Red Scene, it’s hope and progress!

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