AAAAA man, finding any good pictorial resources for Turkish drop spindles proved one heck of a research journey (especially for drop spindles used traditionally – there’s the modern drop spindle – which has interlocking arms that can be pulled off easily anytime without wrecking the yarn ball you made, and the very rudimentary stick version but without the easy arms). Since there’s a dearth of information on traditional drop spindles – even less for specifically tribal Usak ones – I had to use the next best thing. This video here has been immensely helpful in clarifying a lot of the stuff I’ve compiled!

I don’t think I’ve done a 100% accurate representation of traditional Usak spindling, but it’s decent based on the information I have on hand, and the basics are all there. Is there any anthropologist or textile historian who has published a book or academic paper on traditional Turkish weaving practices in rural Anatolian settled/nomadic tribes? I might have missed it somehow…

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