This layout was hell to draw but I hope it reads as well as I theorised! (I was experimenting with the idea that given Panels A, B, C in a grouping; one would read Panel A to B first if the distance between A-B is smaller than B-C or A-C)

(makes comics sound so sciency BUT NO!!)


4 thoughts on “cvi035-036S18

  1. The layout here is my favourite so far, I really love how you’re pushing yourself. It flows well and it really grips the attention, I can’t seem to stop admiring it

    1. Addendum: The beauty of the layout doesn’t distract my eye from reading what she’s saying and I really really love that, I cannot imagine it would be easy to accomplish something so ambitious and yet so fluid.

      1. AAAA OMG I am so glad my lil experiment actually works! ;; It was just a trick I picked up from manga that isn’t used more often in Western comics, and I’ve been doing that ever since, but this layout was the first time I made it an artistic ‘leading man’ in that sense.

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