And so it begins!!

AH means After Hijrah (basically like AD), to count the years since the Prophet (pbuh) left for Medina. I did some fun maths to line up 1680 AD with 1091 AH – I haven’t done algebra in like eons – and I had to account for the missing days (since the Islamic calendar is much shorter than the Georgian – relying on the moon rather than the Earth’s revolution around the Sun – so I had an excess of about 10 years).

The style in which I’ll be working from now onwards is 100% an adaptation of Turkish/Persian miniature into comic form. This is really an interesting experiment for me, since I haven’t seen a comic done before entirely in this style (or you know, with the internet being biased, I just haven’t found it yet) (also I know Habibi exists but it’s different). There are already animated movies made like this – Richard William’s masterwork The Thief and The Cobbler, and the upcoming The Breadwinner from Cartoon Saloon, for example. It’s such a rich resource to pull from, and I’m just hoping…that more indigenous people from the region (or part of the diaspora) are/will be making comics about their history, both cultural and narrative. And if you are please tell me so I can support you!!

3 thoughts on “cvi007-008S4

  1. 1. The research you put into this is just….it’s honestly a little terrifying but in that good, humbling way. You continue to amaze me.

    2. Representation. Jesus blesses you for the representation.

    3. I’m already flailing, the colours alone are just SO PRETTY like i really am sorry if I say that too much but gosh YOUR ART <3 <3 <3

  2. I don’t know how you decided on your colors for this, but I love the way that in this page (and the last one!) you’ve made red feel almost like a neutral background color, while the golds and yellows are what really stand out.

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