I’ve been studying Victorian Era culture for so long but I’ve only recently come across dust yards – partly due to industry (factory smoke close to living quarters) and due to a lack of a government-level organisation of waste, normal people would collect ‘dust’ to be sorted through to sell as manure or to pawn elsewhere, cleaning the streets somewhat as a result, but dumping everything into a dedicated place. Basically a precursor to our modern waste collection system. I’m not surprised that dust collection would have been lucrative….Victorian London was one hell of a dusty place, with blankets upon blankets of tiny charcoal (!!) particles. Who wouldn’t want to make bank of that?

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  1. I love how much research goes into the tiniest details, I really admire that. It makes this entire universe just so much easier to love and fall into, have I ever told you that? You should know it.

    Also I see the one-jersey devil shade parade is going strong, good good.
    Poor Convoy. I mean I’m still laughing but I still feel bad for him.

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