ARGHHHH MAN THOSE TEETH. They could shred you like a shredding machine.

Out of all of the pages I’ve done this is the one I’m least happy with. It’s quite murky…I mean, yeah I wanted to see how it would look like if everything’s brown, but the contrast sucks (within this spread). Fortunately I’ve decided to lay it off for the remaining pages.

3 thoughts on “cv005-006S3

  1. aaaaaa im so happy you’re back!!! convoy is such a cutie!!

    take care of yourself though, uni is so tough! don’t feel bad about taking your time with twidi!

    1. Aw! Thank you!
      Yeah I am trying not to stress myself out so much. I really want to do so many things, so I’ve to compromise and juggle a lot. @_@ Thanks for being understanding!

  2. Yeah, it’s a lot of brown but I kinda like how it looks like Grims is trying his damnedest to blend into the walls when Convoy appears? It works for me. Also I really like the almost 2D panels of him dragging that headless lady all over the place they look so good

    Also I love Convoy, can “Alcotty” be a recurring thing please

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