And there you have it! Three pages of un-serious fun; it’s good to do something short and light and maybe a little less exciting to rev up the engine for the comic again. I haven’t really done too many comics (nor any thing related to the word, category, medium, and activity of ‘drawing’) for the past 5 months. A-Levels is such a demon; I don’t know how I’ll end up next year, when I’m actually very busy and very very much undead, going through the motions of life unresponsive due to cognitive overloading of facts and examination techniques.

The next chaplette would be Lingua Franca, and finally this merging of three chaplettes which I’ll make into one (haven’t got a title yet, this ‘merging’ thing is pretty new), featuring a super important main character whose role will be pretty big for the next few Chapters. And then it’s another hiatus…again. Unless I earn enough money or have enough luck to get myself a brain modification surgery to link up brain cells in vital areas, I’ve to buck up my academic performance first.

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