This is the endddddddd

Well, not really! But I can say that, right now, I’m in COLLEGE. Studying my A-Levels!
Which basically means that, as an 18 year old kid obliged to pursue another interest in the sciences to balance the artistic faction of her life, I’m going to be focusing a little more towards my education.
This doesn’t mean that I’m quitting TWiDI (oh man, NO, I’ve 5 more years of tertiary education (there’s UNIVERSITY); I don’t think chaplette iii can wait THAT LONG).
It’s just that, for the time being, I’m going to try my best to balance my time between studying and art. Which means that it’ll be awhile until I reach that optimum, that happy medium where my friends will be cool and understanding enough to know that I’ve this Thing called a Story I’m working on, that I can leave TWiDI a bit to focus on my studies, and that I can leave my studies to focus on TWiDI; all depending on the situation at that time.

I’m not sure when chaplette iii will be coming out! Hopefully by December (wow)?

In the meantime there are a few things I can do, such as thumbnailing and writing, which do not take as much time or energy as drawing and colouring the pages.
I’m aiming to write and thumbnail all the way to Chapter 3 by the time next December comes.
And then there will be University, but I can handle both that and TWiDI by the time it happens.

I think I can.



8 thoughts on “cii013-014s7

  1. AHH I’m so pumped to find out what’s what with these guys, also I am adoring how Grimsley interacts with people, just love it to bits. Excuse me while I continue to lay my adoration upon your character. <3

  2. Loved it. I absolutely adore Grimsley.
    I enjoy experimental comics such as yours. Quite a fantastic story going on. I wish you the best. You’ve become an inspiration to me, on account on that “women can’t do comics” contrary to some.
    I’m surprised we are of the same age as well.

    I shall be waiting for the update!

    1. Grimsley is quite the popular charmer huh? 😀
      AAA glad to find the level of experimentation to your taste! I’m trying to push it a level further though; soon, soon. We must not frighten the people.
      And aww that’s awesome. Saying women can’t do comics is SO NARROW; gotta crack open their minds with our heels. Lots of stories are coming out from all kinds of people (men and women and in between) that it’s counter-productive to dismiss them based on a superficial, unfounded thing such as gender.

      Soon! Perhaps around the end of the year. I will email you (also sent you an FB message too)
      Thank you so much for the comments and for taking the time to read! Totally appreciate it! < 3

  3. I just figured out who Grimsley reminds me of. Skulduggery Pleasant! If you haven’t read those books you should. I feel like Skulduggery and Grimsley are twins in alternate universes. They both have skull heads. They are both from Europe. They are both detectives. They are both supernatural/live in a supernatural world.

    1. WOAH WHAT. I have never heard of this before!
      I am sobbing so hard now because yes, they are just like twins, only Grims is an animal and Skulduggery is human. They even have the same kind of outfit (striped blazer??). Holy cheesepuffs, thanks for introducing me to this.

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