URGH OMG I’ve college orientation TOMORROW
That’s right!
I am starting college tomorrow


Gone are the days when I can arise late and retire late; gone are the moments when anything can pass through my thoughts except the subject of education.
Though let us be realistically optimistic: gone are the days of my hellish high school experiences. Last year was an extremely, terribly tiring and emotionally draining year.

If things go the way they should, perhaps the college life will be somewhat better. It’s not necessary that I have to memorise and vomit facts out, so the mental pressure is reduced somewhat.

And there will be boys! BOYS! My brethren; the kind of people I more likely identify with (in terms of interest). I think 5 years of being in an all-girls school is enough to balance out my boyish childhood; I am quite ready to go out and mingle with the best of both worlds.

Anyway, wish me luck. This is going to be a little long, if hopefully wonderful 2 years.

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