Aughhhh I haven’t finished colouring (and drawing half of) Spread 3 yet.

I’m D-E-A-D
As dead as some of Grimsley’s clients
So anyway, you people, my Nightcrawlers, my Brookers, my friendly strangers and strange friends;

There’s a game called FALLEN LONDONWhich I’ve been playing obsessively for a while now, and which sort of impedes my productivity a little; but NEVERTHELESS it is fun and extremely well-written for its kind of game.
It’s a pick-your-own-adventure roleplaying game where you are a Gentleman, a Lady or an Individual of Mysterious and Indistinct Gender who just arrived in an underground London by prison. Once you escape the prison you get to do whatever you want.

It’s really fun! And Choo says it reminds her a lot of TWiDI, and I think in some ways, it does have almost the same feel and same kind of concept as TWiDI; only in here London is still above-ground and not so close to Hell and all the monsters and devils are kinda not obvious.

4 thoughts on “cii003-004S2

    1. Gaaaahhh, it’s a blessing that Grims’ dialogue sits right with you! I do need to spice it up more with grandiloquence and verbiage

  1. I adore their bromance-y banter here. What an articulate fellow Grimsley is. I adore his use of language

    1. Thanks! Writing dialogue for TWiDI is one of the funnest things I occupy myself with. Definitely more it! (and also more of it when we read Sense and Sensibility for Lit)

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