I am gonna experiment with update schedules this time, alongside other things.

IT’S A GOOD THING I HAVEN’T HAD A LARGE FOLLOWING YET, or people will now practice a modernised kind of witchhunt as they pick up their stainless steel pitchforks and flamethrowers, using GPS and Google Maps to track me down and raze me on a stake.

I will update bi-weekly I guess. On Sunday and Wednesday.

I’m curious about why Wednesday is often regarded as a Good Day to make webcomic updates. I don’t understand it. Wednesday is the only day of the week that I really dislike (less so now that high school is over, but I’m sure next month when I’m in college, the schedule on Wednesday will be the worst), and when I was a kid, the 27th of a Wednesday is always not a Good Day

Heads up for erratic updates.
Now you have no choice but to follow me on Twitter and Tumblr hehehehee

3 thoughts on “cii001-002S1

  1. Alcott says the best things “…compensation for my physical fragility.” lollll And his neck in the last panel. What a silly…and I like his suit. 😀

    1. Wahhh, bad thing about this comment system is that now you’re The Favourite Commenter, I don’t see your comments instantly since you’re approved by default.

      Hehe really? Grims has his own way of speech. Though the initial wording of that phrase was so dumb until I changed it.
      Stretchable donkey neck!
      And yes, a yellow suit! We just don’t know if it’s faux pas, or the best thing ever

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