There you go! Very simple. It’s done!

I think Baggage feels a lot more like the TWiDI that I want to convey – bright-coloured, retro palette, a quaint quiet seemingly normal town with a bunch of weird and strange things in it.

It may be Victorian, and of course, stereotypically that brings up the harpsichord (try this) and grey, muted camera-obscura colours and a very stiff, very constricted mannerism. No, noo that’s after 1861 when Prince Albert died; then I can understand

Anyway I am very insanely proud of this chaplette for no reason other than it set straight what TWiDI is despite all the very strange very weird monsters and dead things running about. Also it certainly looks better than Chapter 1 hopefully.

I hope you enjoy this chaplette! And don’t forget to share it! And comment if you can! I read comments and often reply to them!

Chaplette ii is probably soon! I don’t know when I’ll finish it, as it’s still at PENCIL STAGE and I’m at Page 4.

Hopefully before the end of July < 3

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8 thoughts on “ci023-024S12

  1. Loved it and yeah it really sets the tone of the whole thing right.
    I had a squeal-y moment when Grimsley showed up earlier than this panel kind of caused an escalation into hand-fanning.
    Also I’m gonna guess that you’re hiding his lips because his fan club would not hesitate to assault them and if I guessed right then yes, it is not just a possibility but a probability.

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