Sooner or later there’s going to be an inside-joke about Illy knocking on red doors and POCs coming out of them.

For cultural purposes, also because this is my pet peeve if people do it wrong, when you see a guy who has a Muslim name (Abdul Rahman bin Khalid), you do not call him Mr Khalid, you call him Mr Abdul Rahman OR Mr bin Khalid. Khalid is his father’s name, and therefore not a surname. ‘bin’ means ‘son of’ and therefore by using Mr Abdul Rahman or Mr bin Khalid/Mr Son of Khalid, you are referring to the guy himself, not his father.

Zeynel sort of makes it easier (we know his name is extremelyyyy long; Mehmet Zeynel Abidin ibn Muhammad Efraim)

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    1. Did he just DO THAT??? A blunder on my part, HAHA I just go fix this error; thank you for telling me how embarrassing I am haha (but no seriously I am grateful)

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