Finally, we have made it! Made it back, made it out, survived. Chapter 1 is finally officially over, and I managed to narrowly avoid making it 69 pages (I’m trying to AVOID it). I learnt quite a lot using this super weird half-traditional half-digital technique, and I know what to do now.

The next chaplette is going to be done entirely digital. We will see how that turns out in comparison to this Chapter, and then we will see what happens, though TWiDI is meant to be highly experimental!

11 thoughts on “C1067-068S34

    1. Ah!! Leslie! Thank you so much for being the most frequent commenter in this website (like seriously, haha. You hold the trophy). And thank you so much for reading!!

          And erm, I’m on a gap year at the moment. Ending soon though.
          I have no idea how I will continue this when college starts @_@

          1. No I am not! I am going to college for SCIENCE!!!
            Specifically, psychological sciences. I wanna study abnormal mind-stuff and child development and religion and philosophy!

  1. I’m actually ridiculously excited. The best part about being so slow to discover the world of TWiDI is that I don’t have to wait as long for the updates but yes I’m actually really excited all the same

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