The Werewolf King is not impressed at this level of stupid.

Also, here’s a note for Malaysians reading out there:

Good luck for tomorrow’s elections!

We’ve no idea what may happen tomorrow, or on Monday, or the week after that, or the months, years after tomorrow, but those who can vote, please go out there and vote.

My political opinion is based on any party’s action and values. I don’t like the current party, but I don’t fully trust the opposition either. But I feel that this election, I’ve to take my chance with the opposition.

We’ve been ruled by the same political party for 56 years. We have the potential to become the richest, the brightest and the luckiest. But we are not. We are in huge debt. Our brightest are moving away (I want to move away…). We are unsafe.

For the amount of time that party has ruled, the state of development we are in is inexcusable.

Why are we still ‘developing’, when we should have developed just like Singapore?

Singapore is a good comparison; they have about the same amount of time as us to progress. Yet we are still backwards.

I don’t hope for the opposition to win because I want to ‘saja-saja tukar’. I don’t hope because I have spite and anger in my heart. I hope because this government has been ruling all my life, yet we are still complacent, and despite my dissatisfaction and my desire to move elsewhere for a better life, in my heart I am still Malaysian – a globalised Malaysian. We need change; a good change.

Things may not change so quickly because it’s 4 years and not much can be done in so short a time, but it’s better to give a chance.

We need to remind both parties that power is not theirs to own, but ours the Rakyat to give.

I am 18 and I cannot vote yet

But I hope you do.

Bring tissue paper and cling wraps and volunteer to be part of the electoral watch if you can!


One thought on “C1039-040S20

  1. oh wow I didn’t know you’re a Malaysian! I happened to find your carpet merchant story from a friend’s retweet and now here I am, reading your old work. all the best in your career, Reimena.

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