The problem with using this strange method of putting panels together (it’s like, erm, I draw panels separately, like they are drawn on different pages, and then I compile them together in one spread, just like this) is that sometimes there are SIZE ISSUES, even more so when you have no choice but to use A5 drawings for A4 size, and that I’m doing something backwards, in that I insert the dialogue last instead of FIRST during the sketch phase, which means overcrowding happens.

It’s ok to draw using this way (I find it easier) but it probably makes sense to get an A4 sketchbook and measure every panel to size and draw them accordingly, or draw them in one page. Like yeah. I don’t have an A4 sketchbook, and I have 47359573875394 A5 sketchbooks to finish off because I often have phases where I am addicted to buying them.

Or just draw digitally.

Excuse the word squash! I swear the rest of the comic isn’t like this, but it so happens that this one is! And I want to kick my butt over it.

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