Since this is so small, and some people have trouble seeing it:

“Evening Alcott,
I came upon a new fellow, not a ghost, but a living cadaver. The odd artifact! After the general introduction of Night, he felt he needed investigatory service, and I referred him to the best fresh detective in Brookham. The Dirty Gentleman, midnight
– Much support, the Baron”

Ok, I lied. To make it easier, I’m going to post the ‘2nd batch’ updates week-by-week. Hopefully when the 2nd batch runs out (there’s not much when you think about it!), I will be able to spam you all with like the entire 3rd batch updates in one Saturday. How’s that sound??

This spread introduces us to Messenger Rats – a matriarch/leader to the entire MR pyramid at that -; their sole purpose in Brookham Night is to deliver messages, letters and newspapers, whether orally (Morse Code) or written. They are usually much more efficient for short-distance and light messaging, as they use underground tunnels (sewerages, hidden catacombs) and dark alleyways as shortcuts within the city, and have more ‘ratpower’ because ehehe gestation periods. The other alternatives are by raven/crow or pigeon.