*crashes into the catacomb like a Koolaid Man*

IGNORE how long it’s been since I last posted. PRETEND that there had not been wide stretches of time where I disappeared into the maw of academia – where I scrambled to overcome my first semester of postgrad, zooted off on an adventure in America where I finally FINALLY met Josh Groban (voice cast of Ilias and also the main vocalist of the TWIDI soundtrack), fell into my second semester while drowning in my dayjob? Oh no no no, those are events that haven’t happened. But even if they did, that’s so classic of TWIDI, right? *points to the TWIDI IS NOT DEAD sign* One day, we will all be glad once I’ve attained stability enough to commit to this webcomic full-time and end the hiatus curse that’s plagued the comic since its debut.

With all that said –

Meeting the Werewolf King

The new spread is nothing TOO crazy – all I did was improve the composition, as well as condense the pacing, bringing forward some panels from the next spread.

I tried to maintain (even push) the expressions of Howard and the Werewolf King. Like everyone else they had a glow-up in their design too.

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