Liking the look TWIDI has evolved into. Again, the style fundamentally hasn’t changed, but the whimsicality comes across better now.

Grims meets his client

The 2013 layout of this spread isn’t good LOL. The speech bubble flow was all over the place… which would have been fine if it actually did anything interesting. It was simply average lettering trying to be quirky inside average panelling – not the most effective or efficient use of space vs information density.

I said I wasn’t planning to rehaul the layouts drastically as I do the 10th anniversary remake. But this spread really, really needed it.

For the 2023 layout I restructured the bubble flow into a sinous curve confined within the two halves of the spread. There’s actually WAY more information/text inside the spread now – I managed to condense one and a quarter spreads into just one, as well as added some extra dialogue. And somehow it doesn’t look messy. Really shows what 10 years of practice does!!!
PLUS I still get to be experimental, with Grimsley’s speech bubble shape as he explains the types of undead.

Some other tweaks: the furniture/props are more specific. Mr Brown finally looks like the person I was caricaturing. The in-panel compositions are slightly more dynamic. Grimsley and Mr Brown are clearly physically interacting with the table + chair.

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