Suiting up!

This didn’t change all that much as well. It certainly looks cleaner. I rehauled the graveyard panel compositionally and changed the palette to match the blue from earlier pages.

I also sort of retconned Brookham’s map… not by a lot – the areas are still the same, more or less.

I’ve actually gone to the cities that Brookham was inspired by (Brighton, Canterbury, London), and did an independent tour of the South Downs. Now that I have a better idea of how I want Brookham to feel and look, some rehaul is in order. I am keeping the map a little vague to allow for new areas to fill it, which is just as well: I suppose in the early 19th century, Brookham would be a town approaching its middle-age; not quite dead or empty, but a hidden gem on the cusp of booming.

I forgot to mention the carpets! Back then I overlaid free images on top of the panels. But thanks to 600 pages of The Carpet Merchant, I am pretty confident with drawing them head on.

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