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Bibliography, Interesting Articles and Academic Resources
features items that are not already in the other two pages

(to be updated as I go along)

  1. The Quran,
  2. From the “Turkish Menace” to Exoticism and Orientalism: Islam as Antithesis of Europe (1453–1914)?, Felix Konrad
  3. A Tale of Three Cities: Istanbul, Bettany Hughes
  4. The Ottoman Empire and Europe: Cultural Encounters, Gunsel Renda
  5. Vampires: Fact, Fiction and Folklore, Live Science, Benjamin Redford
  6. Turquerie: an 18th century European fantasy, Haydn Williams
  7. Orientalism, Edward Said
  8. A History of God, Karen Armstrong
  9. Introducing the Qur’an: For Today’s Reader, John Kaltner
  10. The Qur’an: The User’s Guide, Farid Esack
  11. Subjects of the Sultan: Culture and Daily Life in the Ottoman Empire, Suraiya Faroqhi
  12. Turquerie: Culture in Motion 1650-1750, Alexander Bevilacqua
  13. Turquerie and the Politics of Representation, Nebahat Avcıoğlu
  14. Thalaba the Destroyer
  15. The Giaour, A Fragment of a Turkish Tale, Lord Byron

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