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A multi-episodic series about the life of a Jersey Devil detective and his friends in Victorian England, and their work in bringing peace to the souls of the recently dead.

The World in Deeper Inspection

The World in Deeper Inspection is an ongoing webcomic about the life of a Jersey Devil detective and his friends in Victorian England, as they work together to bring peace to the souls of the recently deceased. Whether it’s recovering a lost head from the fae or finding the murderer, no case is impossible for Detective Grimsley to crack.

With him is a supportive arsenal of friends – his giant of an assistant, an intellectual and demure vampire, a life-loving banshee, and a mysterious eternal wanderer. Together, they solve cases, adapt to the quirks and novelties of an increasingly modern world, and live their own stories, while maintaining a strong platonic love for each other.

Along the way, Grimsley discovers more and more the unknown history of the world, revealing incomprehensible secrets and premonitions. He soon realises in the midst of it all that the fate of one man lies in his hands, and in that man’s hands lie the fate of the world.


Author’s Commentary

TWiDI is my passion project – it is the embodiment of all the things I love into one big story: gothic elements, the Victorian Era, cryptids and paranormal phenomena, literature, cultural and artistic history, and character-based writing.

It is also a landmark work, in that it documents the development of my artistic and narrative voice. Every story is approached differently, as an outlet for all the strange and experimental ideas I have about the art of making comics.

The Writer and Artist

Hailing from a dusty metropolis, Reimena Yee is a strange and fancy illustrator, writer and designer. Her main interest is in learning about the culture of humanity – whether through science, history, literature and religion – and in sharing these stories to the world at large, online or offline. She also likes to draw fun, pretty and magical pictures.

She has worked for Image, BOOM! Studios, Girls Make Games, and a variety of clients, both private and industry. She is an editor at Hiveworks Comics and an outreach lead for unnamed, a Southeast-Asian comics collective.

Email: reimenayee@gmail.com

Represented by Jen Linnan of Linnan Literary Management, LLC.