Website Revamp | 20th July 2016

This is probably the largest change I’ve ever done for the site: after 4 years of marriage to the webcomic plugin I’ve decided to call the whole thing off. I loved that plugin very much, and it did do me a lot of good, but it’s starting to become limiting, and it hasn’t updated for a year. And I wanted a classier web design than the plugin could provide for me.

So yeah. I made the switch to Comic Easel, and it took me a decent amount of time to learn child themes, tweak this theme (still figuring out HOW and WHERE to implement top-to-bottom background gradient) and do the big job of moving my comics out of the old house into the new one. It was a lot of fun.

There’s still some fiddling to do, because I want everything to look C L A S S Y as heck, but otherwise the site is functioning! Enjoy our new William Morris wallpaper (it’s a placeholder – I’m going to draw/find one that’s more relevant to the current chaplette)!

A fancy gloried section for announcements on the main page!
URL updates
Archives for announcement posts
Everything looks prettier now, including the comments section.
Menu is at the bottom of the comic (in the blog section), rather than above.

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