1-0-1 on the study of religion and mythology

A special place for me to share resources of religion and mythology – both core concepts of TWiDI. Religion, mythology and magic can sometimes blend, and sometimes be apart of each other; it all depends on the history, culture and geography, plus what you’re looking for. This kind of dynamicism fascinates me endlessly, as it reflects the diversity, creativity and liveliness of humanity – we change things as we interact with them, and how those things change are dependent on our internal world and our external world.

This post is basically an introduction to this vast, huge, and difficult to grasp area of research inquiry. I simply wish to introduce people the study of religion – that is: the study of how transcendental belief interacts with humanity in a mutual exchange (this definition is mine and is not the only definition). Intersecting with this is mythology, superstition and folk beliefs (here’s where the Night comes into play).

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