The World in Deeper Inspection

An urban gothic webcomic about the life of a Jersey Devil detective and his friends in Victorian England, as they work together to bring peace to the recently-dead. By Reimena Yee.

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The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya

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Announcement | 28 Dec 2019

Hi all!
It’s been over 1 year and 6 months since TCM ended. Just dropping in here to say that this webcomic as a whole is not yet over. It’s currently on break, due to two things: I’m working on a separate graphic novel, and I’m prepping for the next chaplette.

I don’t intend to abandon The World in Deeper Inspection, since it’s my landmark passion project. I treasure TWIDI for being that unsellable work which allows me the infinite opportunity to experiment and explore storytelling and comics, on my own terms. Because of this I also don’t intend to keep a “proper schedule” or burden it with any of the usual expectations of webcomics. I mean…I’m not looking for clout or money or views, at least, not anymore, from this project. Which is good. It exists as its own thing.

Anyway, I’ll definitely announce on Twitter or Tumblr when the next chaplette is up!

December edit: Oh my god…time really does fly. I swear that I meant to post something for TWIDI in the past year (I have a sketched out chaplette) but I always underestimate the time and brain energy it takes to make two graphic novels. I still have another GN (the third) to make in 2020… Lmao

It’s amazing how long the Hiatus Curse has affected TWIDI, since the very beginning. It’s probably a part of the webcomic at this point. Luckily, as I said, it’s a passion project which no longer has any obligation to anyone or anything except me. So yes, I will come back, but I will come back in my own time. TWIDI will always be here.

Currently: chaplette vi – The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya (Vol II, Chapter 4)

Next: Chapter 2 – The Ending Near The Beginning

Update Schedule: Completed

Starts: – ~ 17 February 2018

Ends: – 14th July 2018