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An urban gothic webcomic about the life of a Jersey Devil detective and his friends in Victorian England, as they work together to bring peace to the recently-dead. By Reimena Yee.

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Announcement | 12th August 2022

Hullo hullo (as they say in Brookham).

It’s been a long while!!
This little note I nailed at the door three years ago is still true: I don’t intend to abandon The World in Deeper Inspection, since it’s my landmark passion project. I treasure TWIDI for being that unsellable work which allows me the infinite opportunity to experiment and explore storytelling and comics, on my own terms. Because of this I also don’t intend to keep a “proper schedule” or burden it with any of the usual expectations of webcomics. I mean…I’m not looking for clout or money or views, at least, not anymore, from this project. Which is good. It exists as its own thing.

I have been swamped and overwhelmed by traditional publishing. Who knew making a 200+ paged book a year would be so time-consuming and creatively demanding!! Not to mention I’m committed to working on a 4-volume webcomic epic about Alexander the Great (lol). Unfortunately this has put TWIDI into the backburner… but that’s fine anyway. TWIDI’s not obligated to anyone except my own whims and fancies.

I cannot say for sure when TWIDI is coming back, but I am pulled by this urge lately to return to it. I don’t know how or when I can reorganise my life around TWIDI entirely. It’s definitely in the docket for sure. (Just gotta boost my actual monthly income and my passive income to support this madness *insert laughing crying emoji*)


Currently: Chapter 1: When a Devil Solves a Murder (10th Anniversary Remake)

Next: Chapter 2 – The Ending Near The Beginning

Update Schedule: Ongoing

Starts: – ~ 31st March 2023

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