I HAVEN’T DONE THIS (DRAWING CARPETS) IN A YEAR! God, it was so incredibly daunting but I did it. And I am happy for how it turned out.

Here’s a breakdown of the symbolism in the carpet –

  • The star with fetter inside. Symbolises two families uniting.
  • The tree of life. Stock Islamic iconography. I like to think it represents heritage, and obviously life. I’ve drawn three here, though the third isn’t obvious.
  • The diamond with the +s inside. Protection.
  • The stick icon that looks like a comb. Protection.
  • The two triangles adjoined by a line. Also protection.
  • Red and blue, because, that’s the colour palette of this comic now.
  • The big Ushak star motif on the right hand page.
  • The geometric nightingale and bat.


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