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A multi-episodic series about the life of a Jersey Devil detective in Victorian England, his work in bringing peace to the souls of the recently dead, and his friends, across time and place.

Welcome to the world of Brookham Night
We take our world for granted; the familiar is simply ambience, of which the personal drama of  life unfolds. It leaves little time for the unknown, neither for the desire to speak, to think, or to experience the uncertainty that we know lies deep within our primitive consciousness. Sometimes it seems we’ve deliberately made ourselves inaccessible to the other side of the veil – rather than the other way around – as if afraid, as if understanding that we’re better in blessed ignorance.

Yet we cannot stop the Sun from going down every day. What comes in its place is the the thing we’d rather not see – the unheimlich – and from this we retreat into the safety of our slumber, eyes closed, unseeing. But there are others, who come out to revel in the magic of night. A distant violin croons, a raven squawks to the beat, and the streets sing of tiny paws. The laughter of faeries and imps mingle with the grey threads of mist (or is it a ghost?), masking over the recently passed and the recently troubled, the cryptids of lore, and spirits of old. They all are part of this danse macabre.

Do not be afraid. Although you’ve left your old home, it’ll always be there for you. But your world has gotten bigger now. Complicated, terrifying, but exciting, awesome.

Please, do not be afraid of the mystery that repels. We welcome you.
Welcome to Night.

The World in Deeper Inspection

The World in Deeper Inspection is about the life and times of Alcott B. Grimsley, a detective who helps to bring peace to the recently dead. Whether it’s recovering a lost head or finding the murderer, no case is impossible Grimsley to crack. He also happens to be the only Ministry-certified detective around, so he has to deal with incompetent quacks threatening his beloved profession, of which he is pioneer.

Luckily he has a supportive arsenal of friends – his giant of an assistant, an intellectual and demure vampire (who keeps Brookham Night together), a life-loving banshee, and a mysterious eternal wanderer. Together they solve cases, make sense of the quirks and novelties of an increasingly modern world, and grapple with their own stories, while maintaining the strong platonic love for each other.

As time goes on however, Grimsley discovers more and more about the unknown history of the world, revealing incomprehensible secrets and premonitions. He soon realises in the midst of it all that the fate of one man lies in his hands, and in that man’s hands lie the fate of the world.


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TWiDI is my passion project – it is a summation of all the things I love into one big story. It talks about the culture and attitudes of the Victorian Era (both funny and awful), geeks over the cryptids and mysteries of our world, makes references to tons of literature (particularly Gothic fiction and many classics), and follows the thread of the human experience across time . It’s also very strongly about characters, and their relationships to each other form the common theme across each chaplette/chapter.

To make it more fun, the entire comic is one giant art experiment. Every story is told visually in a different way, and I intend to explore every possibility to approaching comics. That means there will be mistakes and blindspots and flaws, but this comic is a learning experience. I want to make it better each time.

Inside Cover

My name is Reimena Ashel Yee, but you can call me Ashel. I live in a very dusty and grey place called Kuala Lumpur. And I ran away to Australia, where it’s not dusty and grey at all. Just very erratic.

I’m interested in the study of human culture, particularly wisdom traditions (religion), and the psychology behind spirituality and consciousness. My work is about delving into the cultural maze of history and change, and I’m totally interested in showcasing the lived experiences of religion, to let those outside be educated by those inside. Still figuring how to make that happen.

Other than that I’m a professional artist. I’ve made official Adventure Time covers, made a couple of games, joined an international anthology, am an editorial artist, and now working my way to book illustration. So watch out. ;O

I tweet. I look at Facebook to laugh at my schoolmates. I post quietly on Deviantart. I post wildly on my Art Blog. And I’ve an official website.

Email: reimenayee@gmail.com